Rangitoto and LOTR References, continued

Until I get WordPress to do what I want, here are some more shots of the cool Lava Tunnels on Rangitoto:

Descent into the tunnel… and madness, bwahahahaha! Or not.

Halfway through the cave, waiting for a gaggle of tourists ahead to leave and trying my very best not to hiss “LOST! LOST! They stoled it from us, preciousssssss!”

Does this cave make me look fat? Photo taken by a helpful but ill-favored-looking gangle-creature, large of eye and pale of skin… He kept saying something about a ring that had gone missing… But seriously. Photo taken using my Powershot on Nightsky setting and my much loved Gorillapod, wrapped around a rock to stabilize the camera on the wet and slimy cave floor.

The light at the end of the tunnel!

After the tunnels, I took an alternate way back down to the dock and milled around the tidal pools till the boat came again. That’s where I snapped this shot of some cool looking seaweed:

And here I bid a fond farewell to Rangitoto and its doomed vermin.


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