Mount Eden

Day Three I checked out the Auckland Art Museum… the main building currently is undergoing renovation and is closed, but they’ve set up a few exhibits in an adjacent building. One of them was a retrospective on painter Rita Angus, one of the country’s most famous artists. An excellent exhibit, and I loved a lot of her landscapes, but man she did a lot of self-portraits.

From there I walked to Mt. Eden, the tallest of Auckland’s gazillions of volcanic cones, on the south side of the city.

Photo one: a shot of downtown Auckland (and, background right, Rangitoto) from the summit of Mt. Eden.

Photo two: a better shot of Mt. Eden’s crater. The cone was terraced and developed to serve as both settlement and pa, or fortress, for the Maori living in the area. Fortunately, unlike several other volcanic cones, it was never quarried to oblivion. From the summit, even though mid-day glare prevented me from getting good pictures, I could see more volcanoes in every direction.

Perhaps all the reminders of volcanic activity got me a little, shall we say, tense. In any case, I walked back down Mt. Eden and through town to the shopping district of Newmarket, where the scent of lemongrass and almond lured me like a siren’s song to Lush, where I purchased a pot of Karma Kream body lotion. Because life is short and you never know when you’ll be obliterated in a burst of volcanic ash. You might as well smell delicious.


One thought on “Mount Eden

  1. That crater was the hardest thing to photograph! You totally don’t get the idea of what it really looks like. I got a good one of some cows grazing inside it that was pretty funny.

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