The Chips Are Never Down

Everyone has weakness. Mine is for potato chips.

Specifically, unusual flavors of potato chips.

Barbecue, sour cream and chives and even cajun flavor do not interest me. I like “chip shop chicken curry,” “lamb and mint,” “onion bhaji” and “chili and chocolate” potato chips (yes, all actual flavors I’ve tried, mostly in the UK where they appreciate whacky flavors).

The oddest chip I ever tried was billed as White Wine, Strawberry and Sweet Chili (yes, from England). Unfortunately, I didn’t get the wine or the berry, though the dominating sweet chili was pretty tasty in itself.

One thing I was looking forward to about New Zealand was, it being a splinter of the British Empire and all, the prospect of whacky chips.

I have not been disappointed.

Day one I couldn’t resist a bag of “Tomato Sauce and Mince” flavor chips (or crisps). I mean, it has a crazed bungy-jumping penguin on the bag, how could it be wrong?

Verdict: tasty tomato-ry flavor but no mince (seasoned ground meat) in evidence. Still, I’d eat them again. And again. (Though, to be honest, my rule is I can only buy a flavor I haven’t tried before.)

Day three I went for the irresistible “Blue Cheese and Caramelized Onion” chips.

To my surprise, having tasted lackluster “Stilton and Caramelized Onion” crisps in England, I found these chips had some serious stinky blue cheese cred. Whew!! Excellent flavor, though the texture was a little prefab.

There is a bag of “Prosciutto and Camembert” chips calling my name at the downtown Auckland Foodtown – as well as a bag of “Feta and Garlic” and another of tantalizing “Lime and Coriander” – but for now I will resist.


2 thoughts on “The Chips Are Never Down

    • Mmmm… Chutney Balls?? Sign me up! Haven’t seen them yet but now I’m on a mission… you gotta have goals!

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