Karl and Me

One photo is of Auckland’s ferry building and the other needs some ess-plainin’… read on.

Tuesday I left Auckland after picking up my Spaceship. No, really.

My spaceship’s name is Skylon. No, I did not name it and yes, it really is a spaceship. I decided to see New Zealand in quintessential Kiwi style: in a “campa” or campervan.

After comparison shopping several “backpacker campa” companies (cheaper and more basic than the caravan or proper “campa” firms), I decided to go with Spaceships. My bright Orange Toyota Previa has been kitted out with a double burner gas cooker, queen size bed, dual battery (so I can run the second battery while parked without killing the first) and DVD player, as well as a hook-up for my MP3 player.

And yes, Spaceships names every one of its vehicles. I got Skylon and am not complaining since it was clean and odorless (you never know with a company that caters to the largely unwashed backpacker crowd) and so far has been running well and handling the hairpins.

Along with Skylon, I am traveling with Karl the Kiwi. In a moment of budget-be-damned excess I splurged on a five dollar stuffed Kiwi with a map of New Zealand on his butt and a slot in his top where you stick your mobile phone. I figured it would help me keep my mobile and also my MP3 player handy when I’m driving.

As time goes by, however, I find myself becoming quite attached to mein kleines Karlchen. He is pretty adorbale, isn’t he? Here he is voguing at Cape Reinga, the most sacred spot for Maori, if my Lonely Planet guidebook is to be believed. More on that, and more pictures of Karl, of course, soon…


3 thoughts on “Karl and Me

  1. Karl is adorable! Glad you have a buddy with you and that you kicked your camping accommodations up a notch. Will there be photos of the Skylon, too? Any eligible, cute, appealing Maori in sight?

  2. Is Karl a Kiwi *bird*? Or is he simply a cute New Zealander? 😉

    And Skylon isn’t so bad (seems so Ikea). And it could be worse: you could have gotten a Cylon. (Warning: nerdy Battlestar Galactica reference may be lost on some.)

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