And Now For Something Completely Different: Clive Owen in Pantaloons… Hot or Not?

One of the deals with Spaceship campas is that you get a built-in DVD player and your pick of two DVDs which you can then swap with other Spacepeople you come across on your journey.

Shockingly, they did not have LOTR so I picked “Master and Commander: Far Side of the World” which I’d seen before (but how can you go wrong with Russell Crowe? Ok, you can, but this isn’t one of those) and “Elizabeth: The Golden Age,” which I’d wanted to see in theaters but was busy, as usual, working or something.

I watched it a couple nights ago but not in my Spaceship… the folks who ran the campground/marine conservancy education center where I spent the night insisted on me having dinner with them (amazing pumpkin soup with blue cheese crumbled on top) and then joining them for “movie night,” when they put a DVD on using the jumbo screen they use for educational presentations to gaggles of schoolkids.

So I still haven’t tried using Skylon’s DVD player, but gotta say it was pretty cool to see such a lavish costume drama on a ginormous screen. It was worth it for the textiles alone. Dang!

I liked the movie overall (has anyone else seen it?) though couldn’t get out of my head the spoof of it done recently on “The Simpsons” with Homer as Sir Walter Raleigh. Brilliant. And, truth be told, he’s pretty and everything, but is it me or does Clive Owen come across as really bored in a lot of his costumey stuff, like he’d rather be making “Croupier” again?

As for the “Elizabeth” DVD itself, I swapped it with Matt and Hannah, two very cool Brits I met at a campground last night. They are turning in their Spaceship tomorrow after more than ten months in it. Yes, ten months. I like Skylon and all, but… dang. They gave me a DVD of Billy Connolly’s early stand-up routines. Very psyched about that. Karl is, too.


2 thoughts on “And Now For Something Completely Different: Clive Owen in Pantaloons… Hot or Not?

  1. Yesssss, come join usssssssss, my prettty!

    Here’s something else to entice you: New Zealanders call shopping carts “trundlers.” I don’t know why, but I think that is the cutest thing.

    Also: the two guys in the campsites next to mine tonight have other campas (not Spaceships… I shall not name the inferior companies involved…). They strolled over to check out Skylon and marvelled at the storage space (a *lot* more than others I looked into), posh quality accessories and DVD player. If I told you how much I’m paying for Skylon after getting a deal from the cool English guy running their Auckland office, you would turn your pajamas inside out and put them on your head you’d be so freaked out!!

    Hmm…. I think I’m going to email you the details just so you can run around the house with inside-out pajamas on your head to the amusement/horror of your redheads.

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