Karl: Up Close and Personal

Because I know you’re hankering for more about Karl:

Karl on the beach of Northland’s Doubtless Bay, named for Captain Cook’s journal entry “It is doubtless a bay.” Uh, yeah.

Another shot of a winter’s morning on Doubtless Bay.

Here’s the map of New Zealand stiched onto Karl’s butt, which for some reason reminds me of Mikhail Gorbachev.

And finally, here’s Karl manning his post, securing my MP3 player in cushy comfort as I put Skylon through her (his?) paces on the ever-winding New Zealand roads.

As for Skylon, I wasn’t sure about the whole “campa” thing but I gotta say, it’s cozy and dry, even in pouring cold winter rain, handles pretty well and is a comfy ride overall. I would love better gas mileage (it’s not horrible, just not as lean running as my beloved Ford Focus which, granted, is smaller), but I give it the thumbs-up. So far.


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