I Don’t Give a Damn If It’s A National Chain

Since arriving in New Zealand in August, I haven’t eaten out much… trying to save money and, quite frankly, a little frightened by the plethora of meat pie shops, I’ve been mostly cooking for myself.

A couple days ago, however, wooed by their menu/concept, I got myself some pizza from HELL.

Hell is a national chain in New Zealand that does actually great takeout pizza for a reasonable price, all of it cloaked in deeply amusing fire and brimstone and cheesy (ahem) schtick. Example: one of their desserts is called Terrormisu (howl) and they’ve got pizzas named after the seven deadly sins.

You can visit their infernally difficult-to-read (at least on my hobbit laptop) website or you can take it from me: when in New Zealand, order the Mordor (actual menu item… how cool is that??). I did (I had to, of course, but told them to skip the pepperoni, which I detest). It was delish, with a good doughy but not grossly flabby crust, good amount of toppings (chicken, bacon, red peppers, BBQ sauce) and overall devilishly tasty experience.

I went back to try the Limbo… blue cheese and caramalized onions with mushrooms, tomatoes and garlic. Damn good.


4 thoughts on “I Don’t Give a Damn If It’s A National Chain

  1. OK…I’ve given up on trying to read in chronological order, so I’m going to go in reverse chronological order and eventually I’ll catch up. Anyway, went to the Hell Pizza site….it looks very interesting, and I noticed that this weeks’ special is lamb shank w/rosemary and potatoes. *could* be yummy. Or really gross.

  2. 0800 666 111 Still have the takeout menu on the fridge. Try the kumara chips. I liked the squid rings with sweet chilli — not a bad side order with pizza. Greed was Sam’s favorite: double ham, double pineapple, double cheese.

  3. Urgh, I want a pizza from HELL! Oh well…. Need more cowbell. And some purell. And an issue of Elle…
    Love the little devils running on the web site.

  4. Hmmm, LQ I’ll have to go back and try the special and let you know… Susan, I’ll skip the Greed (not a ham or pineapple fan) but think I’ll have to go back again just for the kumara chips (kumara is a good thing… mmmmm, kumara). And Zee, well… as your friend I think the least I can do is go there on your behalf…

    Mmmmm, I know where I’m going on my next days off (the nearest Hell is 30 miles away).

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