Looking A Gift Horse in the Mouth

The lawnmower communally owned and used in the staff housing area where I live is broken. That is, the mechanical lawnmower. This being what people living in the sticks would call the boondocks, we don’t need no stinkin’ mechanical lawnmower…

We have Tigger.

Tigger belongs to our neighbors (and co-workers), who put up temporary fencing around different areas of the three houses, letting Tigger do his very best lawn maintenance (he keeps the grass tidy and also fertilizes it… it’s a twofer…).

For whatever reason, Tigger hasn’t been in our yard for a while. Our grass was getting knee-high and there was talk first of trying to fix the mechanical lawnmower and then, more seriously, of buying a goat or two, or capturing one of the wild goats that we’ve all spotted while hiking.

I guess that would technically be “kidnapping.”

Then Tigger came back. In just a few hours this afternoon, he pretty much munched half our yard down to stubble. We understand he’ll be back tomorrow, so the local feral goat population can rest easy, without fear of abduction.

Although Tigger is not particularly social (he’s very focused on eating grass), I did lure him in for a few close-ups with a delicious carrot.


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