Guess Who Came to Dinner?

We have a plethora of horses, rabbits, feral goats, chickens, roosters, sheep, feral cats and “heaps” of birds (“heaps” being the word Kiwis use when others would say “lots”), but only one Crystal. That’s our neighbor/my sous chef’s thirteen-year-old dog, wobbly on her back end and completely deaf. She roams freely during the day and when she barks, because she can’t hear herself, it sounds like an old man snoring and then waking himself up and gasping in surprise.

We had the porch doors open in the fine summer weather last night, so Crystal just walked in and set up in the kitchen, first sticking her head in our garbage can and then sitting at my feet with the look of love… love for my food, of course. She got a poached egg and a pear core from me. That’s a face that cannot be denied.


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