Last week, my Secret Self Santa (the best kind of Secret Santa as far as I know… at the mandatory work Secret Santa I got a calendar and at the house Secret Santa I got… a calendar…) got me a pair of neoprene booties so I could swim in Lake Wakatipu without my tootsies being in agony.

And wow.

What a difference… I stayed out in the water for an hour today, completely comfy. The booties kept my feet warmer even than the wetsuit kept the rest of me. I felt like I was wearing snuggly furry slippers the whole swim.


Even better, I got the booties for just NZ$25… They were last year’s model and the XL pair (too big for me) was mismarked. I asked the guy if he’d give me the mismarked price on the pair of Larges that did fit me and he said ok!! So I should have paid NZ$39 but got a deal. (This year’s model, by the way, was NZ$54… the only difference, according to both my inspection and the guy who worked there, was that this year they put them in boxes instead of bags… really.)

Secret Self Santa rules!


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