The Ballad of Bill

[For those who’ve asked about Bill’s fate, this is as close as I will ever get to poetry…]

My brave Bill, the old Subaru
Took me from Glenorchy to Oamaru
From Dunedin to Twizel to Wanaka to Haast
From Invercargill all the way to Arthur’s Pass… fast

Together we traveled throughout Middle Earth
On roads of pavement, gravel, rock and just dirt.
He bore me through snow, sleet, ice and rain
Pushed to his limit, he never thought to complain

He took curves with great ease and mountains with guts
On straights he was lightning, in mud he never stuck
But all good things, alas, come to an end
And when Bill broke, I was told he’d never mend

But I knew Bill’s heart; he’d never leave me in the lurch
He rallied one last time to get me to Christchurch
And there he passed his road safety test
I never had a doubt, I knew he was the best

A couple test-drove him, had their mechanic inspect him
The man poked and prodded and Bill’s flaws he detected
But the couple said that’s okay, we still want him
And so with them Bill drove away, his spirit undaunted

Thanks for the miles, Bill, and may you have many more
As you cover the South Island again shore to shore
Never may you rust and long may you roam
And when your time finally comes, Bill, you’ll know the way home.


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