E noho ra, Aotearoa

I’m sitting at Esquires, enjoying my last free coffee (I was hoarding free coupons clipped from various tourist magazines) and free WiFi. In a couple minutes, I need to get all my stuff to the Airbus to catch my flight back to the States this evening.

I’ve spent the last two days getting things sorted, like selling my DVDs since they aren’t coded for play in the US, packing and repacking and trying to change the laws of physics so that all my stuff fits in my luggage (still, uh, working on that one) and, today, getting my stitches out.

I also slacker-stalked* Karl Urban, unsuccessfully.

(*Slacker-stalking is my very own term, though I hope it catches on, for putting oneself in places where one’s celeb crush is more likely to be than elsewhere, but not bothering much beyond that. Dread Pirate Iron Bluebird, and I, for example, just happened to hang out at Sean Bean’s local in North London a few years back. He never turned up, forcing us to lie in wait for him outside the stage door where he was doing “Macbeth.” Target acquired. Objective achieved. He looked scared, though, and since then I’ve decided to stick to slacker-stalking, in part because of my own laziness.)

I took a long meandering stroll through Karl’s neighborhood, since other slacker-stalkers had all run into him while he was walking his dog. No Karl, but wow, what a cool ‘hood. Nice but not at all posh, very funky yet tidy, with interesting architecture and homey houses rather than skyscrapers or McMansions. Neat shops, too. And close to the city. It reminded me of my old neighborhood in Milwaukee. Good on ya, Karl. I’m so glad I left Sean for a guy who walks his dog and lives in a neat place.

As a bonus, I scored an outrageously awesome, floor-scraping, vintage, ultramarine blue skirt at one of those shops… for NZ$20, about US$13. Arguably a better find than Karl, since it fits in my luggage much more easily. “Sweet as,” as the Kiwis say.

Yeah, that’s it. Just “sweet as.” They never say sweet as what, but once you get used to that, it’s kinda cute.

But now, however, it’s time to go. Thanks to everyone for reading, for commenting and for all the emails. I hope you had as much fun with this blog as I did. And stay tuned. I’m not sure what I’ll be doing next, but it will probably involve blogging about it.

(By the way, the title is “Good-bye, New Zealand” in Maori. I think.)


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