Update: Condition, er, One and a Half

I ventured out last night after work to a Pranayama Yoga class at the chapel… yes, I willingly went to a yoga class. It wasn’t bad. It was all about breathing rather than actual movement and was a nice way to relax… or would have been, had we not been in the middle of a blizzard that some winter-overs pronounced “the best of the season.”

It was surreal to say the least to be in Corpse Pose, focusing on looping my breath, looking at stained glass penguins (I have to return to the chapel to take pictures in daylight soon!) and feeling the roaring wind shaking the roof of the chapel.

Conditions deteriorated so much during the hour-long class that the instructor had us call for a weather update to see if we had tripped into Condition One territory. The reply from the folks keeping an eye on the weather: still Condition Two, barely, but it’s ugly. They told us to leave in groups of two or more.

One of the other guys who works in the kitchen and lives in the same building I do was there. We linked arms and opened the door and POW! He’s about 6’4″ and I am no tiny scrap but we were both nearly blown over by stinging snow and wind. Wheeee!

We ran back up the hill to our building, buffeted sideways here and there. He video’ed the whole thing and I hope to post a link when he gets it up and running.

Till then… Condition One remains elusive, though August and September are traditionally the stormiest months of the year here. Bwahahahahaha…

[Update to the update: based on the comments and emails since my last post, I guess Laura was the only one who actually got my mailing address. So here it is:

[My name], NANA

McMurdo Station

PSC 469 Box 700

APO AP 96599

For those of you who remember when I lived in Moscow, yes, it’s another APO address, which means you’ll have to fill out a customs form if you send a package but you should not pay international postage rates. I’ll be looking forward to your letters and postcards!]

That is all. Aquabear out.


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