Antarctic Smudgeset

I can’t really call what I saw last night a “sunset” because there was no sun. It was already well below the horizon by the time I left work and raced to Hut Point, lured by the clear, pinky skies. So I’m calling it a “smudgeset,” because that’s pretty much how it went as I and a co-worker stood at the edge of Ross Island, staring over the vastness of sea ice and mountains while the sky’s colors slowly rippled and merged and deepened.

Interesting thing: when I went to Hut Point a week ago at the same time, it was dark by 4:30 pm. Last night, we stayed out till 6:30 pm and it was still fairly light. The days are getting longer that quickly. Hopefully there will be enough clear night left before summer for me to catch sight of the Aurora Australis (Southern Lights), one of the things on my personal bucket list.

Till the next dispatch, here are some photos from last night. Enjoy.

Mt. Discovery looms on the horizon on the walk to Hut Point

Hut Point approach

Aquabear on Ice... I'm pretty sure this is the first photo of me actually in Antarctica... sea ice for miles and miles behind me.

The edge of Ross Island at Hut Point

Cross at Hut Point in memory of member of 1904 expedition who drowned at the site

More ice... the lights and vehicles you can see on these and other photos are from the folks who groom and maintain the airfield which is built out on the ice.

McMurdo Station in better light than my last photo of it (Observation Hill in the background)

Vince Memorial Cross at Hut Point (Ob Hill in background)

Nighty-night... at about 6:20pm local time, the sun was still setting. Or should I say the sky was still smudging.


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