Sign of Life

I realize that posting about my longing for rum and then falling silent for more than a week might have come across as, well, a bit desperate. So I just wanted to assure you all is well and that my silence is not a product of sickness, emotional upset or rum deprivation.

The weather here has been rather gray, with the exception of my days off, when it has been white, as in whiteouts and Condition Two and no chance of a hike (okay… so there has been some emotional upset about that!). With the influx of people for Mainbody, we’ve been busier at work but also a lot more crowded with, well, bodies, which seems, oddly enough, to make every task take longer to do.

My shift has also changed, which I didn’t think would be a big deal as it’s only starting four hours later than before. It’s thrown me for a loop, however, as I now get up after my roommates (though I still wake up when their alarms go off), and meal times do not fall neatly into the same points in my schedule. Trying to adjust, I’ve landed an impressive case of insomnia, so I can definitively tell you that it never gets dark here anymore, and that even at 0200, when one is reading a Scottish police procedural in the dining room near a window, there is almost enough light from outside to learn that the initial and obvious suspect was a false lead.

I’ve learned from experience that when my insomnia gets really bad, the last thing I should do is go online… that just seems to wake me up more, but in a dozy, airhead way, and I end up buying ridiculous shoes I’ll never wear or researching where the phrase “rule of thumb” really came from. Or just looking at goofy cat pictures. For hours.

So that’s why I’ve been a bit quiet of late. I’m sure I’ll adjust to my shift, the weather will improve and I’ll get my packages, including real pillows instead of the semi-inflated doormat I’ve been trying to crunch into something approaching usefulness.

Thanks everyone for the emails, and for all those care packages you have told me are in the mail… I’m sure they are, and that they will arrive… uhm… sometime before I leave!


One thought on “Sign of Life

  1. Given that my original package took only 10 days to get to you, what should I plan for any subsequent packages–say, for example, Xmas pressies. Is there any way to predict?

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