I Live Here.

Ignore the power lines... View of the Royal Society Mountains from McMurdo Station, 1616 local time, March 27, 2011

I’ve been bad at blogging of late for a few reasons: long work days, a lack of WiFi in my room which vexes me, a commitment to winning McMurdo’s “Biggest Loser” which requires much time on the elliptical (not that I’m seeing results… I curse my metabolism, that of a hibernating bear…), and being in “edit” mode on my novel, which makes everything else – blogging, work, food, the elliptical – seem like a terrible intrusion.

But today, after work, I set out to the library where I know I can get a stable Internet connection so that I could take care of an outstanding birthday gift procurement for the fabulous Dr. Virago. First, let me say that I actually got high off the thrill of using one-click shopping with a stored credit card to purchase digital music and books from DrV’s virtual wishlist. I felt like Santa Claus, Gandalf and Tinkerbell all at once.

Walking the hundred feet or so to the library entrance, however, in naught but my sweatpants, a fleece hoodie and my  Mukluk boots, I realized ooh, the sun is out, it’s so lovely and not cold at all. So I made a detour of a few hundred meters more to our McMurdo Station sign, which overlooks McMurdo Sound and the Royal Society Mountains (and, alas, the Waste Water Treatment Plant and several power lines… Antarctica the continent is beyond beautiful, but McMurdo’s aesthetic could be most charitably described as “functional.”).

I snapped two photos before my camera informed me that, freshly charged battery or no, it was not going to function because it was Too. Damn. Cold.

Huh. So I returned to my route and arrived at the library, curious to check the current weather.

Minus 2 Fahrenheit, minus 18 Fahrenheit with windchill.

Okay, so, maybe it was a little chilly.


One thought on “I Live Here.

  1. That’s an awesome view – thanks for sharing it! We do “functional in the midst of beautiful” here in Alaska too. Any buildings made out of shipping containers where you are?

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