Wiley Immortal

Yes, it’s been a while… my silence is due partly to the lulling winter-over routine, partly to my current focus on Stories That Are Not True (my fiction writing) and partly because I’ve been increasingly angst-ridden over the big question of WhatNext but don’t want to blather on endlessly about it to you, my dear reader(s).

There are some exciting things happening on the near horizon, however, so hopefully in a week or so I’ll have something scintillating.

I did want to share this, though. The winter-over physical therapist, Kai, who is a very cool person, asked people to submit photos of their pets early in the season so she could do a pet-themed scroll that runs on one of our local tv stations. I emailed her one of my favorite images of Wiley (for those of you who know me well, you know what a great dog he was and how much I miss him… for those of you who have more recently arrived on the shores of my little island in the blogosphere, you can read his obituary here, at my old blog).

Quite frankly, I didn’t think anymore about it until a couple days ago, flipping between Fox News (obsessed with Anthony’s Weiner) and BBC World News (obsessed with the fact Mitt Romney is a Mormon).

And there was Wiley, looking at me with his intelligent eyes and eager grin.

At first I was a bit verklempt, because I do miss him greatly, even as I realize that, if he were still alive, I would never have moved to New Zealand or Antarctica or done a lot of the things I’ve done since I became dogless. But after the initial shock passed, it made me happy. He was always my tireless buddy, willingly moving cross-country again and again, trudging up mountains an old dog had no business hiking, suffering through long hours of solitude without complaint while I was at work… and now he’s been immortalized as a public service announcement, here in Antarctica, a place that’s very special to me – and a place that, due to the International Antarctic Treaty, dogs are not allowed. Except as tv stars.


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