A Whiter Shade of Pale

One month from today, the orange people will begin the first wave of the invasion.

No, I have not gone insane (well, probably not). WinFly is scheduled to begin a month from today, weather permitting. Over a nine-day period (again, weather permitting), the station’s population will more than triple with what old hands call “the orange people,” largely because those of us who’ve wintered are now the color of grout. New grout, but grout all the same.

I, for example, match my chef jacket.

While WinFly will bring more noise, more bodies and more work for us, perhaps it’s for the better. We could use some new blood (not literally, although…). We’re starting to fray a bit. Yesterday a colleague became apoplectic when someone “took away the plastic wrap again.” It was still in front of him.

The previous morning, I couldn’t figure out why the same toothpaste I’ve had for more than a month tasted so different. Then I realized I had actually put my Burt’s Bees Orange Facial Cleanser on my toothbrush. This is the telling bit–after the realization, I kept brushing with it.

And don’t get me started about the fits people threw when they closed the bar for three nights due to weather.

So I for one will welcome the orange people, at least until they start to annoy me (I give it a day). It will most likely mean no longer having a room of my own, and that’s a drag, but with the orange people comes mail, including, hopefully, the fruits of a recent online shopping spree. I had to buy new sneakers, as mine are dead, and more Burt’s Bees Orange Facial Cleanser. For some reason, I’m running low.



3 thoughts on “A Whiter Shade of Pale

  1. hang on!! while i am aquiver with excitement over the tacky souvies (seriously…. no one does “tacky royal wedding souvenirs” like the brits!!), please don’t send them here as i would just mail them back to the states–if they got to me here at all…

    we’ll have limited mail for the brief WinFly period and then nothing till october, and for most of october all the mail is science stuff. the things i’m expecting at winfly i ordered back in june, hoping that was enough time for them to get to christchurch, get “palletized” (packed onto the enormous, car-sized pallets that go in the c17s) and then be high enough in the “first come, first sent” order of stuff to make it down here for winfly. and even if i *did* get the wills and kate bonanza, since i cannot justify it as “needed for hiking” i would mail it back to the states with other stuff i don’t plan to use in the first couple post-ice months.

    that all said (and i prolly said more than needed, but others have emailed me about mail so i want to let all know the sitch), THANK YOU in advance for what i know will be gob-smackingly great souvenirs!!

  2. OK! Gotcha! (But don’t get *too* excited. I was trying to keep the weight & space down in my luggage, so I couldn’t get you the awesome mug with the official wedding party photo. Stil, I think you’ll like what I got.)

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