My Morning Commute

Okay, so it’s not my most exciting video (no penguins!) but I thought I’d show you what my commute to work is like. I happened to capture it in a Con2, the second most severe weather rating. In this case, it was the wind more than the cold. I start talking about a minute into it, but mostly it’s the wind’s show.

I’m now working the overnight shift in the bakery, which I love because I am by myself. The only other person in the galley is the overnight (“MidRats” = Midnight Rations) cook, Mel, who is fun to work with. So the video above was taken at about 1930 hours, or 7:30pm local time.


2 thoughts on “My Morning Commute

  1. Nice video. Very cool to see the place in the dark. Never got that chance. I lived in 155 for three weeks, in an interior room with no windows.

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