I’m Glad I Didn’t Know Then What I Know Now

Just a short post concerning an interesting little tidbit I learned last night… remember, dear reader, when I did the Polar Plunge back in June? Remember how I noted how black the water was? How black, black, black the water was? Remember how I joked that I was slightly worried about being beaked to death by a passing colossal squid?


I just learned that the reason they don’t put lights in the water so you can see what you’re jumping into when you do the Plunge is because the lights attract the locals. Yes, as in the resident Antarctic Kraken*.

(*not actual scientific term.)

Jumping into that black water was spooky enough. There is something downright chilling, no pun intended, knowing that the folks running the Plunge took active measures to reduce the chances of someone ending up as reverse calamari.

I’m jus’ sayin’.


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