How ’bout dem Packers?

Now that I’ve come to terms with leaving Antarctica, my mindset is entirely focused on getting ready to be wheels-up.

Which means I have entered a new emotional phase: terror.

I am the world’s worst packer. Seriously. It is deeply ironic, given how much I move around, but I am horrible at packing. My nadir came while I was living in Moscow, when I had to pack for a week-long business trip to the States. I had my usual pre-packing psychotic break and no recollection of actually putting things in the suitcase. When I arrived in Washington, I opened my bag to discover the only things in it were:

1) a pair of pajamas

2) hot velcro curlers (for my hair… remember those??)

3) my Rollerblades

Yes. That was all.

Fortunately I arrived in town with just enough time to go to the nearest mall and buy something to wear to a business meeting so I did not have to show up in pj’s and Rollerblades, but it was close.

I have great respect for people who can fit all their needs in a sleek carryon, pack it a few days ahead and arrive at the airport fresh, footloose and fancy-free. Me, I procrastinate, then panic, then hurl random things into a duffle and hope for the best, rushing to make my flight before it leaves.

The one exception is when I plan a trip into the wild. Then, perhaps because I know I’ll be carrying whatever I take on my back for several days, or perhaps because I just want to be in the wild, I tend to be an amazingly great packer.

With just over two weeks before my flight back to the Real World, I am doing my best to organize the last 13+ months of my life and fit it into my luggage and a couple boxes I plan to send ahead.

So far, I’ve given myself a pedicure and pre-ordered the latest Arnaldur Indridasen police procedural for my Kindle. And now… now I think I’ll post a few cool photos on here before watching the extended DVD of Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings.

I know the first step is admitting you have a problem. I’ll do that after LOTR.

Alpenglow behind Mt. Discovery... the natural phenomenon that occurs just after the sun has set. Sunlight reflects off snow and ice and creates a fiery red glow on the horizon *opposite* the sunset (The view here is to the southeast, while the sun here sets, at least for now, in the northwest)

McMurdo has a lot of creative, crafty people. I’m friends with a few of them, including the fabulously talented Chelsea, who earlier today gave me an extremely awesome sweatshirt she made. Check it out!!

The front. Alas, I didn't realize the photo was slightly blurry and cropped the design until I uploaded it and, quite frankly, I am too lazy to take a better one, but you get the idea.


The back! I think it's the perfect combo of girliness and a punkish snarl. I love it! Thanks, Chelsea!!


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