Catching Up Is Hard to Do

I’m back online for the first time since I last posted. Oh, Tasmania, you could learn a thing or two from New Zealand and mainland Australia. Internet access here is grim. It’s ridiculously expensive (A$16 an hour, or four almond croissants from Jackman and McRoss, my new currency), non-existent, or user-hostile. The libraries here that do have online access have it only through antiquated desktops (I think I saw an Apple IIe in one place!) and charge A$3 for 15 minutes.

As a result, I am hopelessly backlogged on posts and may not get around to even trying to update the blog until I am back in Melbourne, where libraries have fast, free WiFi (ahem… Tasmania, take note).

While I’m currently staying at a hostel with free WiFi, the access is super-limited (many sites, such as YouTube, are blocked entirely) and less than speedy. So I’m going to try to upload one photo and then call it a day.

Yesterday was Armistice Day on this side of the planet, by the way. The commercial radio station that’s played truly terrible Europop the past few days switched programming to play, among other things, “Waltzing Matilda,” a variety of ’40s tunes and “The Ballad of the Green Berets.” It’s back to music that makes me lose faith in humanity today, but it was pretty cool that even they shut Katy Perry up long enough to remember those who served. Thanks to the members of our armed forces and intelligence services who put themselves in harm’s way for us.

The first time I saw this sign, for a moment I misunderstood it. I thought it was a warning about huge and aggressive kangaroos attacking your car, lifting it by the bonnet, perhaps, and shaking the occupants out to drag off into the bush and feed its young. I saw a kangaroo by the side of the road shortly after snapping this shot, by the way, and it was a shock. I think of roos as roaming the open desert wastes and savannah-like environments of central and northern Australia, but apparently they do quite well in Tasmania's lush and dense temperate rainforests.


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