Internet Piracy = Bad. Ineffective, Burdensome Legislation = Worse.

While many websites (including WordPress)  are going dark today to protest some seriously dumb pending legislation, I decided to post some of my favorite links on this issue. Enjoy. Take action. Because the government can have my Karl Urban and Sean Bean photos when it pries them from my cold, dead fingers…

Check out, in my opinion, the best and the funniest explanation of SOPA and PIPA here at

The folks at Vimeo put up an informative video, too, albeit one that’s not as funny.

For a more traditional pro v. con approach, check out this BBC story… note that the “pro” voice is an MPAA executive. Mm-hmm. They just can’t get enough of suing little kids, can they?

For the record, I oppose Internet piracy. But I oppose dumb and ultimately ineffective legislation more.

Thanks as always for reading my blog.


One thought on “Internet Piracy = Bad. Ineffective, Burdensome Legislation = Worse.

  1. Sometimes I wonder if there are any kinds of estimates/statistics to back up internet piracy laws. I agree, you shouldn’t just pirate software, it’s illegal, and it’s also risky to your own computer, as pirated software isn’t guaranteed to be completely assembled. My feeling, however, is that the real root to turning down piracy isn’t at trying to scour the net, which has it share of limited efficiency, but hopefully people get a reasonable work ethic. If someone has enough of an ethic to actually do something more than just watch movies, listen to music, or play games, then perhaps they won’t have any interest in spending nearly all day downloading software without charge from places like the recently shut-down megaupload, or some torrents, which are more complex than just the file-sharing sites alone. Either way, the problem here is that piracy is a weed, and like any weed, you really take care of the weed when you tell the difference between personal morality (root) versus trying to find every last website (leaves) without removing the root, the weed will keep growing back.

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