“I Love Electrical Tape.”

Sometimes the things I say are misinterpreted. But I do love electrical tape. I always travel with a roll. It’s super handy, especially when I’m hiking and gear inevitably breaks. But I also love crafting with it. It’s strong, it’s flexible, it’s stretchy and it already matches my wardrobe. What’s not to love?

So when it came time to make a mask for last week’s masquerade party, I knew I needed more electrical tape. My buddy Dwayne, one of the repairdudes, came through with an extra roll for me. Whoo hoo! That’s the way to a girl’s heart. A roll of electrical tape! (At least this girl…)

I started my costume the day before the party, so it was not that elaborate. The body of it was a rush job involving two garbage bags and, yes, electrical tape, but I’m happy with the mask, fashioned from a cut up plastic sour cream container, piece of elastic and my beloved ET.

What was I? Ah, the perfect disguise for an introvert who went to the party just to support some co-workers performing a dance routine. I can’t hear at those kind of events, I don’t drink enough to get drunk and stupid, and if I have to talk to people, I want it to be about something interesting, not just party blather.

The Raven and The (bekilted) Minotaur. I strike a pose with galley crewmate Brian.

“Do you wanna beer?”


“Does this skirt make my butt look big?” One of the visiting Kiwis, dressed as Mother Goose. I’m on the left, enjoying the ninja-like invisibility afforded by my all-black outfit.

“Hey, how’s it going?”


More galleyfolk: Brian the Minotaur, Tyler the Cat, Rachel the Strawberry, Phil the Card, me and Ryanne the Sun

“So, what’s your costume supposed to be?”


Phil cuts loose on the dance floor.

“Hey, glad to see you made it out-”


Birds of a feather… Travis on the dance floor

A lot of people got the reference, but many others didn’t, and a few people got rather vexed that no matter what they said to me, I squawked “Nevermore!” in reply.

It was wonderful.

Travis (center) choreographed an elaborate dance routine for his troupe, including a few galleyfolk. Photo by Devon.

Phil represents the galley, keeps it real, deserves props, keeps it street, etc., in a hilarious but also skilled (mad skilled) rap performance. Photo by Devon.

Several bands performed during the night, including this one, led by our greenhouse guru JCS

Devon, fellow librarian and wandering professional photographer. This would have been a better shot but my wing got in the way. Which I think is kind of funny.

Ah yes, Arts and Crafts, McMurdo Style. Painting with expired toothpaste. What else are we going to do with it?

I’ve seen these hat/gaiter combos on Etsy and other places and I totally want one!! Especially to wear to The Hobbit in December! Todd rocks the dwarf look.

Kenny our yoga instructor (not his full time job here, lest you think this is one big wellness spa).

And just because I loooooove my mask, here are a few more photos of it. If I was a Scharfrichter I’d totally want this for my mask. What’s a Scharfrichter? Well, more on that in my next post, which will have some big news. Big, big news. Thanks for reading.

Now in a place of honor on my wall

Yes, this was once a plastic sour cream container. Ah, the magic of electrical tape.



2 thoughts on ““I Love Electrical Tape.”

  1. How the heck did I miss this post????!!! Your Raven costume is amazing! Especially the home-made mask…..better than even those expensive ones I see people selling on Etsy. I am incredibly impressed! šŸ˜€

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