Big News!

I promised big news in my last post and here it is, though it has nothing to do with living in Antarctica. I wrote a novel. Actually, I’ve written a few, but that’s another story.

But a few years ago, I wrote a dark historical novel that I felt was special. I shopped it around to agents and was told, time and again, it was very well-written but not right for the market. I persevered, and continued to write other things.

But now, I am crazyhappy to announce that Plaguewalker is being published by Grunaskhan Books. It is currently available in Kindle format, though it will also be available as a paperback from Amazon later this month.

Here’s the fancy marketing blurb:

“I was born of the Devil. That is what they said. I was a conjure of night and fog, and the grave was the womb from which I emerged.”

Abandoned as a baby outside the cemetery gates and raised by the town’s executioner, Marcus grows into a giant as unfeeling as Death. Traveling fanatics arrive in his Bavarian town bringing not the Word of God, but the Great Dying. As plague consumes his world, Marcus searches for his missing daughter. Following her tracks in the snow, he encounters the mad, the desperate, and the wicked—and a resourceful young child whose hope and resiliency infect him as the plague did not.

Plaguewalker is a dark but ultimately redemptive historical novel set in Bavaria in the mid-fourteenth century and told from the perspective of its protagonist, the amoral executioner Marcus of Ansberg. As readers journey through a world upended by the plague, they will experience both the brutality of the period and the awakening of a conscience in a man who had believed himself damned.

To put it in my Stories That Are True voice, you might like Plaguewalker if:

  • your favorite parts of Game of Thrones are the beheadings
  • you have attended Ozzfest
  • you loved Darth Vader as a child…and never stopped
  • you like to root for the antihero
  • you own and/or covet edged weaponry
  • you complained about the violence in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo–not because it was excessive, but because it was unrealistic
  • when someone asks to borrow your black cloak, you ask “which one?”
  • deep down inside, you are an optimist (for all its darkness, Plaguewalker is about one man’s redemption)

Once I get off the Ice in the fall, I have an official launch in the works. There is also talk of a modest book tour, though I am reluctant to make any commitments while I’m down here in the Heart of Darkness.

If you enjoy reading my blog, I hope you’ll consider reading Plaguewalker. Early reviews have been positive enough to make me blush. You can read the reviews, as well as the first chapter, at You can also purchase the book for your Kindle/Kindle-compatible device, or sample it for free, at Amazon. It’s currently available in the US and most of Europe.

Thanks as always for reading.

You can take the girl out of Antarctica (though not now, given there are no flights till August) but you can’t take Antarctica out of the girl. The cover illustration I did for Plaguewalker features snow and the medieval equivalent of a Big Red parka.


3 thoughts on “Big News!

  1. Brava, ragazza. You need to come to Well Read Books in Hawthorne and/or the independent bookstore in Huntington, NY whose name escapes me right now.

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