A Post Of Things To Come

I know, I know, you want more Antarctic excitement: leopard seal sightings, Con1 winds tearing apart buildings, photos of expansive, empty landscapes…

Well, winter is in full swing down here. If you want a new photo, close your eyes. There. That’s what it looks like outside now.

But seriously…we have MidWinter Dinner coming up two weeks from today–wow, it’s hard to believe the season’s midpoint is already so near–as well as the Polar Plunge, so I’m sure I’ll have some uniquely Ice Planet Hoth posts in the near future.

Now, however, I wanted to point you to the latest post on one of my other sites, Plaguewalker.com. If you ever wanted to get inside my head when I’m writing, this is the post to read. Bring a flashlight.

Even if you don’t care one jot about my writing, if you’re a fan of Star Wars, professional wrestling, a peculiarly German mindset, or sharks, you might enjoy reading it.

You can expect more cross-posting like this in the future as I move toward consolidating my travel and writing blogs. For one thing, I’m nearly out of the free space WordPress gives me for photos on this blog, yet I’ve got oodles of unused space on the others. It makes sense to me to use up the free stuff before paying for more.

Perhaps more importantly, just as living in Antarctica for 14 months was a big deal for me last year, one I wanted to share with all of you, publishing my novel is an equally big deal, one that occupies just as much if not more of my time. It’s what I’m about now.

Sidenote: a few years ago, when I was working the graveyard shift in a casino/hotel bakery in Vegas, my coworker, a tall, gawky, quiet guy, asked me one midnight if I had seen the movie 300. I said no.

With the kind of intensity usually only seen in serial killers revealing their motivation on a particularly overblown episode of Law and Order:SVU, he replied: “It changed my life. It’s how I live my life now. It’s what I’m about.”

Uhm. Okay. I rented the movie the next day, curious. Err…yeah. I thought it was a bit ridiculous, despite the overload of rather fetching be-loinclothed beefcake on display. I never brought it up again, and neither did he, but it was an interesting if puzzling glimpse into someone else’s head.

I mention the whole incident now because, well, I think it’s kind of funny. But it also sums up my life at the moment. I am thrilled to be back on the Ice, I’m enjoying my coworkers this season more than last, and so on. But most of my waking moments are occupied by my fiction writing, what I’ve done with it, what I still need to do, with the novel I’ve published, with the next one in the queue.

I’ve appreciated you as a reader of this blog as I’ve traipsed through New Zealand, Tasmania and my beloved Antarctica, and I hope this new direction is just as interesting for you. Thanks as always for letting me share my adventures with you.


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