Awww, Goodness

No Top 20 tonight…it’s the end of a long week, the last three days of which involved me cranking out back-to-back(-to-back) labor-intensive lunch items. I’m quite pooped, quite frankly, though I did manage to walk down to Hut Point yesterday and today after work.

Here are a few of the pretty pictures I took:

Great Fata Morgana on the horizon near Hut Point. And yes, the sky really does look like that (the horizon however, does not. It is flat here. The shapes you see are the Fata Morgana optical illusion).

Zoom in on the same Fata Morgana a few minutes later. Note how it has already shifted and changed.

More nacreous clouds at Hut Point yesterday (the same day I saw the Fata Morgana). Not as insane as they were on Sunday, but still fantastic.

No nacreous clouds today, but I love the colors in the sky over Tent Island. This was taken at about 1430 hours this afternoon.

I realize I have posted a zillion shots of the horizon from Hut Point, but rarely what’s in the immediate vicinity. This gives you both. The ripples in the sea ice at the foot of Hut Point are small pressure ridges where sheets of sea ice formed at different times bump and grind against each other. That sounded dirty.

Remember that photo of Sunday’s amazing nacreous clouds with Vince Cross in the foreground? Well, here’s a shot of the memorial from a different angle, looking west rather than north. Mount Discovery, an extinct volcano, is the large mountain on the horizon. What looks like a road curving along the sea ice is another example of pressure ridges.

Tomorrow is a much-needed day off, and I’m really looking forward to finishing going through my photos and adding another Top 20!


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