Dear Reader: A Note of Great Import

Yes, it’s true. I’ve fallen down on my admittedly ambitious goal of 20 Top 20s in my last 20 days on Ice. Superslow upload times for my photos took the wind out of my sails–I suspect everyone is online planning their travel–and then I got distracted.

But not because I’m packing.

Shhh. We mustn’t say the “P” word.

(Longtime friends may recall my claim to World’s Worst Packer title has been unchallenged ever since the time I traveled halfway across the world for an important business meeting and, arriving at my hotel and opening my suitcase, discovered I had packed my pajamas, my Rollerblades and hot air curlers. And that was all. When I…uhm…do the “P” word, I tend to slip into a fugue state. Or maybe I have a psychotic break. I don’t know. All I know is bad things happen. Yes. I know. Given that I am a modern nomad, it is deeply ironic that I am a terrible packer, but there you have it.)

Anyway. I apologize for slacking on the 20/20 countdown. I do have a ton of half-done lists and photos selected, but I doubt I’ll be able to get any online until my next day off, on Friday. I should be spending it, you know, doing the “P” word, but I’m sure I’ll end up doing the other “P” word. Procrastinating.

So, until I get my act together enough to procrastinate on stuffing my act into a couple suitcases, I’ll just say that I’m working on a couple more lists at least, and also another attempt at a short movie, but for right now I am totally riveted by Kandee Johnson’s eyeliner tutorials on YouTube. I’m serious. It’s all my T3 brain can handle right now!

Stay tuned.


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