Creeping In This Petty Pace

So, I woke up this morning and got dressed for work and headed to the galley and, well, passed the weather condition scroll.

Good morning to me. That kinda says it all.

We’ve been vacillating betwixt Condition One and Two (the two most severe weather conditions) all morning as the second of two winter storms, the bruiser of the pair, parks itself over us.

Back door of Building 155

It’s actually fairly warm out now, a mere minus 4F with a windchill in the minus 30s. And that’s why it’s storming. It’s generally very clear out when it’s very cold (I realize calling minus 4F warm is a relative term, but trust me on this).

Unintentional artsy shot when my flash went off, in town, Con2.

After I finished with work, I shot this video standing just outside a back door of Building 155 when it was officially Con2. Not sure why there’s no sound till :13. The bright white light atop a particularly tall telephone pole in the middle of the video is our low-tech weather alert system. The bright white light tells everyone within sight that it’s Con2.

I came back in, started uploading the video above to YouTube and headed to the laundry room, where I was greeted with much excitement by a coworker (and first-time WinterOver) who was jubilant that Con1 had just been declared. I threw my clothes in, grabbed my camera and went back out, back to the same spot I’d shot the Con2 footage not ten minutes earlier, and this is what it looked like at Con1:

Yes, that is me screaming like a little girl toward the end of the video when the wind nearly knocks me off my feet. You’ll notice the Con2 light has gone out.

I am serene about the weather, though I do find the constant teasing from people leaving in October to be more than tedious at this point. (If one more person points out to me “hey, you’re still here! HAHAHAHAHA!” the station population of 153 may drop by one, and not because I’ve started walking north across the sea ice.)

I will say it’s kind of cute to see the rookie winter-overs so excited about finally getting to see a Con1 after six months of rather dull weather.

They cancelled today’s twice-delayed flight again this morning. They’re saying tomorrow is the day we’re leaving for sure.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow…


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