Why You Should Stop Reading This Blog

Don’t worry, I’m not giving up on chronicling my travels and oversharing. But, although it took more than three years of adventures nearly pole to pole, I have finally used up all of my image storage space here. WordPress would like me to subscribe to rather pricey additional storage on an annual basis, but that seems silly when I’ve got loads of space not being used at my other blog, GemmaTarlach.com.

So…thank you for reading Stories That Are True. It will remain up, including all the images, and I may occasionally post text-only tidbits. But starting today, all my meaty posts, travel-related and otherwise, will be over at GemmaTarlach.com.

If you’ve been following STAT, as I call it when scribbling my to-do list, please consider following GT, which will include some posts about my fiction writing (but not that many, because between you and me, I find writing about my writing as much fun as waiting in line at the DMV).

I’ve just posted the first STAT-ish update over there, in fact, and if you need any more incentive to check it out, three words: imaginary polar bears. Oh yeah.

Thanks for reading, for following, and for commenting over the years. I hope you’ll continue to do so over at my not-so-anonymous blog.


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