StoriesThatAreTrue is the travel blog for Gemma Tarlach, author, adventurer, pastry chef, cook, freelance journalist and woman of intrigue and mystery. Currently living and working at McMurdo Station in Antarctica, Gemma has called four continents home and traipsed across the other three. Her favorite things include hiking, Tasmanian Devils, marzipan, Yorkshire accents and paleontology, though not necessarily in that order.

In addition to serving up breakfast for the 152 fellow Winter-Overs at McMurdo and blogging about her home, Gemma is preparing to publish her novels Plaguewalker and The War’s End.



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    • Hi Mark, and thank you for asking! Will you be using the photo on Spoweb.org? I’m okay with that as long as you credit the image as “photo by Gemma Tarlach, copyright 2012.” The caption info if you want it is Vince Memorial Cross, Hut Point, Ross Island, Antarctica. I would also appreciate it if you linked back to my site. Thank you and let me know when it’s live so I can tell my readers about it and send them to your site! Cheers!

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